I have started taking an awesome yoga class this month and the instructor went on and on tonight at how beautiful my form was and look I’m a size twelve so there are some poses I literally can’t get into cuz of my awesome muscle mass in the way (legs esp—these running machines do NOT condense) and idk her going on to the rest of the class abt my lovely carriage and wonderful form left me feeling super good!

I don’t look athletic. But here we are, end of June, and this year, I have run 150 miles! (You can see my multicolored mile checkoff list) I’m sporting the medals earned for completing 3 half marathons! The sunburn on my arms is from the 8 hours I spent kayaking this weekend. On top of my cardio, I work out 40-60 minutes a day with the squats and sit ups and a dozen other exercizes. I weigh the exact same as I did six months ago. I look the same as I have for years—size 12 with crazy curly hair and a big smile. Athletes do not all look the same.

Rebooting the super fitness challenge—starting back on day one. BUT I’ve already gone 50 miles in June! MY LEGS ARE FABULOUS MARBLE SCULPTURE LEGS AND I WORE HEELS AND SOMEONE COMMENTED ON MY FABBO CALVES and that made me feel pretty darn good.